Shortlisted as one of the Most Influential Women In Tech UK 2019 by, Level39 and Makers Academy
Shortlisted for the UK's first Women in Software Powerlist 2019 by Makers Academy &

Jennifer Opal first entered the world of tech after typing her first line of code with Code First: Girls in October 2017. After successfully completing the Introduction to Front-End Web Development Course, and being part of the winning pair of 'Best Project' of her cohort, Jennifer continued to attempt to learn to code independently while completing her degree in Business and French Language.

In March 2018, after noticing a worsening in her writing and reading abilities, Jennifer was diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Despite the shock and challenge of having to adjust to a new way of learning, she did not let that stop her from pursuing a career in tech.

Winner of the Rising Star Award at the Black Tech Achievement Awards 2020
Shortlisted as one of the Most Influential Women In Tech UK 2020 by and Makers Academy

Fast forward to November 2018, Jennifer earned herself a place on the furtHER Program in collaboration with Code First: Girls and BT Group; a Digital Intensive Program aiming to bring more women and non-binaries into tech. Jennifer stepped out of her comfort zone to enter a field that she had no previous STEM qualifications in to follow her passion of becoming a Software Engineer. After successfully passing the assessments to earn an interview opportunity, Jennifer received a job offer for a Junior Software Engineer to be based in Belfast.

As Jennifer was sharing her journey on social media platforms before accepting the job role, the blogging journey didn't end there. She has grown her social media platforms to a combined following of over 5,000 followers & continues to share her experiences in the hopes of inspiring others to consider getting into tech or learning how to code. Jennifer also hopes that her story will continue to add to the work of creating a more inclusive environment, seeing more black representation within companies & the importance of seeing a workforce that look like a true reflection of modern society. Despite Jennifer's learning gifts, Jennifer believes her differences is what makes her a benefit to the tech industry and that others should celebrate their differences too.

Named as one of 50 of the Most Influential Black Voices In Tech 2019 UK by TechNation
Nominated for the Rising Technologist Award at the Technology PlayMaker Awards 2020

Jennifer has spoken at places such as BT Group for International Women's Day 2020, Coding Black Females and the Code First: Girls Conference 2019 in London.

Jennifer has received many accolades in her career but continues to use her journey to bring inspiration to others, particularly people of colour and those with similar learning gifts to herself, to get into technology and learn how to code.